Which is the easiest javascript framework/library to learn and develop DHTML, DOM and AJAX applications with codeigniter

I love jQuery but would not recommend it for a "first time use framework". The jquery syntax is elegant, effective but , in my opinion, doesn't look like javascript at all ! I started with Prototype, then switched to jQuey, but reverted back to Protoype because it looks more like javascript to me. mootools looks a lot like prototype, so I'd second the mootools choice.

Like adamp1 said, in the end, it's really up to the user to pick whatever javascript framework they feel more comfortable with. They're all great :-)
Happy coding.

Like you, I picked jQuery over Prototype because it didn't look like javascript, that was my main reason. But what every framework you use Iv found I went from hating javascript to loving writing it.

Another vote for jQuery here. I just bought the Learning jQuery book to learn more and it's a very well designed library. Yahoo UI also looks nice and since jQuery has namespacing capabilities, you can integrate some of the excellent YUI modules within your jQuery code.

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