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retrieve variables posted from Moneybooker

hi everyone, as in the topic title , I cant retrieve variable posted from moneybooker,
After the payment process MB send variable with POST method to controller specified by me on my host example : http://site.com/process , but it not work
whene i try somthing like http://site.com/test.php it work perfectly

any idea Smile

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How are you trying to read the POSTed variables?

The should be available in the controller using something like this:
$var1 = $this->input->post('var1');

thx for reply ,

sorry but i know how to use CI post method i know also that i can use $_POST or $_REQUEST but still not working , also the entire script in the controller don't work :/ , i don't know if there is any security issus that avoid retriving posted variable from external host & probably in case of Moneybooker with CURL , when I use a hard coded php file like http://site.com/test.php the script still working

any solution ...

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It's hard to say without seeing your code.
I assume your controller is reading the POST array in the index function?
Will you post your controller code here?

forget the POST array ,
i would like just executing the controller

if (!defined('BASEPATH'))
    exit('No direct script access allowed');

class Process extends CI_Controller {

    public function __construct() {

    public function index() {
        $this->Process_model->add_sale("add some data to DB");


I presume that Moneybooker use CURL to post some data to my CI but this controller never work ,is there any security issues in CI that avoid executing controller from external host , the hard coded php script still work I presume is CI problem

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Sorry, but I cannot understand your original question.

I thought your controller was failing to read the POST data from Moneybooker.

I don't do CURL, so I can't suggest anything with respect to how MB handles that.
If your generic PHP works, then CI should also work.

I don't know about any security related issues on calling CI from a remote server, however
If you provide MB with a valid CI URL, it should send the data, but whether it is in the POST array or in GET variables, I do not know.

Is anyone else out there familiar with MB API?

Have you verified that the URL you're trying to use to retrieve the POST values is actually correct? For instance, if you didn't remove index.php with .htaccess, you'll need index.php in your URL, or the API will be sending to a non-existant page.

Based on the limited information I can find from a quick search, all they do is send POST values to a specific URL. There should be nothing done by CI that would mess with this.

And there's no need to post another thread in the bug section when you already have responses here...

Hi , my mistake

$config['csrf_protection'] = FALSE;

& it work

thx a lot

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