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Inserting post data into joining table, any help!

I have a form which allows the user to create products and add them to category, the categories are linked through a joining table and many products can belong to many categories.

I have extracted the post data into an array, but what I'm struggling with is updating the database with multiple entries pertaining to one product_id ie..

product_id = 1 -> category_id = 4
product_id = 1 -> category_id = 6
product_id = 1 -> category_id = 7
product_id = 1 -> category_id = 34

My logic is to run a foreach loop into the database but don't know how, can someone point me in the right direction please!

Looping in the DB is likely not the best approach. Build the insert logic in to your PHP then send to the DB.

You can either do a single query:

INSERT INTO prod_cat
('product_id', 'category_id')

That will insert 4 records in one query. I'm not sure how that would work with Active Record.

Alternatively, wrap multiple DB calls in a transaction so you can roll back if something fails.

yes my question is how to prepare the data for insert, I have array implode which formats them into single string can I drop that straight into the query

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