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Session problem when trying to login through VirtualBox

I have a strange problem when I try to login through my Virtual Box. Somewhere between sessions being set and redirecting to my index page, the session userdata variable gets destroyed.

* When I type in my username and password and click login the userdata gets set as it's supposed to.
* Then I redirect to my index page.
* On the index page I do a check to see if the userdata is set. If it is the user can see the page, otherwise he gets redirected to the login page.
* I get redirected to the login page. If I print_r($this->sesion->userdata) at this stage. The only things that are set are: session_id, ip_adress, user_agent and last_activity. No userdata.

This problem is Only on VirtualBox and both on Chrome and IE.
Otherwise it works great on both Windows and Mac, with all browsers.

Is this a bug or anyone have any idea how I can fix it?

Oh and also: SOMETIMES, logging in through VirtualBox works fine. Like every other day or so.

could you post your code here?

[quote author="Hudson Pereira" date="1344530121"]could you post your code here?[/quote]

Well, seeing how it's only a problem on Virtual Box, I assume there's not anything wrong with my code?
But here it is.
It enters process_login fine and it redirects to the home/index controller, but when it gets there userdata('username') is not set and it redirects back to the login page.

function process_login()
    $user = $this->db->query("SELECT id, company0, company1, company2, company3, username, password,
    firstname, lastname, admin_settings, admin_messages, admin_cal, admin_margins,
    admin_statistics, admin_pricelists, phone_home, phone_cell, email, browser, resolution, language, (SELECT country FROM company WHERE cID = company0) AS country FROM users2 WHERE username = '".$this->input->post('username')."'");
    $user_result = $user->row();
    $userdata = array(
    'id' => $user_result->id,
    'company0' => $user_result->company0,
    'company1' => $user_result->company1,
    'company2' => $user_result->company2,
    'company3' => $user_result->company3,
    'username' => $user_result->username,
    'password' => $user_result->password,
    'firstname' => $user_result->firstname,
    'lastname' => $user_result->lastname,
    'admin_settings' => $user_result->admin_settings,
    'admin_messages' => $user_result->admin_messages,
    'admin_cal' => $user_result->admin_cal,
    'admin_margins' => $user_result->admin_margins,
    'admin_statistics' => $user_result->admin_statistics,
    'admin_pricelists' => $user_result->admin_pricelists,
    'phone_home' => $user_result->phone_home,
    'phone_cell' => $user_result->phone_cell,
    'email' => $user_result->email,
    'browser' => $user_result->browser,
    'resolution' => $user_result->resolution,
    'language' => $user_result->language,
    'country' => $user_result->country
    //echo $this->db->last_query();exit()
  function login_check($username, $password)
    $query = $this->db->query("SELECT * FROM users2 WHERE username = '$username' AND password = '$password'");
    if($query->num_rows() > 0)
     return TRUE;
     return FALSE;

And this is the check I do in Home controller

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