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Reuse code

Hi all.

I've a question for you. I hope someone can point me into the right solution for my problem.

I'm a developer in a little web agency.
Often in my projects I've to build frontend and backend applications.
I use to organize my projects in this way
-www (web root)
I use subversion for source control.
Inside the app_backend application I have a lot of controllers/models/libraries/views/core files I always use in every project. Then in every project I add other files to build my custom extended backend application.
I would like to be able to fix bug and develop common features in my core app and then replicate them in other projects where I've used this architecture but I cannot find a way to achieve this.
I've created a common_app repository and I've linked it in my child projects (it points to app_backend) with svn externals but in this way I cannot committ not-common features in the child projects cause, in example, custom_controller_1.php is inside the linked external controller folder.

Any advice?
Thanks for your time.


no ideas?

Would help the XHMVC model ? : http://ellislab.com/forums/viewthread/223678/

Take a look at PyroCMS. it's a great CI based CMS that includes HMVC so you can easily modularize your code. We used it extensively at my last agency job and it saved us tons of time.

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