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saving an image from a page

I am making an artwork tool where users can select clip art and fonts and place them on a product with jQuery and Codeigniter. Basically it's just a bunch of layers of images placed on top of each other.

After the user is done creating their project, is their a way to save this final image as a jpg?

Yes, but it would take a LOT of work, and probably not turn out all that hot (compared to doing the same thing in photoshop).

Off the top of my head you'd probably have to use javascript to get the image locations in relation to each other (assuming they aren't all 100% aligned to each other or the same size) along with their stacking order, and then pass that info to a custom image processing script that will turn the jpgs into pngs with alpha channel, align them how they were, stack them in order and create a final image from that. You have your work cut out for you.

It's definitely doable, but as CroNIX said, it's not a quick project. I'd recommend making sure you have ImageMagick available on your server & PHP install if you want to do this - I've used it for doing very similar things and it made my life easier.

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