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Examples of Jamie Rumbelow's My_Model in Action?

I've recently started experimenting with Jamie Rumbelow's MY-Model for CRUD functions. I've also purchased his book (The CodeIgniter Handbook, Volume 1). Everything makes sense theoretically.

However, I'm trying to find some real-world examples of using Jamie's MY-Model to accomplish all the CRUD functions. That seems like the best way for everything to click into place.

Can anyone point out a project or two that actually uses My_Model for each CRUD method?


What about this: https://github.com/jamierumbelow/codeigniter-base-model ?
It's not a project, but can help get a grasp

Thanks Dede... Yes, I've looked at that. I was hoping to see if there were any tutorials/examples of simple applications that use My_Model for each of the CRUD actions.

Can anyone share a link or source for something like this?


I don't know if this has all that your looking for but check out this talk by Adam Jackett at the CICONF that just ended last week: http://lanyrd.com/2012/codeigniter-conference-us/sxpbg/

I haven't watched the video but I've gone through the slides and he does talk about that a bit.


Hi NotDior,
Thanks for linking me to that presentation... It's interesting. Unfortunately, the section on the base model didn't go into the specific CRUD methods.

Still looking. If anyone knows where to see sample applications built using My_Model, please share!


PyroCMS uses it extensively...you could check out most of it's modules for samples.

[quote author="johnpeace" date="1346173547"]PyroCMS uses it extensively...you could check out most of it's modules for samples.[/quote]

Thanks johnpeace! I've got a commercial license for PyroCMS -- it's an impressive "little" CMS. But I had not thought of using it to see Jamie Rumbelow's My_Model in action.

I'll take a look at that.

In the meantime, I still would be really interested in sample applications that show basic ways to use My_Model to do the C & R & U & D.


Geez, just read the class. It's pretty straightforward.

insert, update, get...it's all in there. You'll probably learn more just reading the classes methods than seeing them used somewhere...

OK, I've searched through my bookmarks, and this is something that might help you:

Hi Dede,
Thanks again for trying to help! Yes, I already saw that material from Jeff Madsen (even commented on it).

OK, maybe I'm making too much of this and it's simpler than I imagine?


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