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seperate codeigniter app for admin area

hey guys,

i'm having a problem with url rewriting and using two seperate codeigniter installations.

there might be a better way to do this as well.

'/user-name/admin' needs to load one codeigniter installation
'/user-name/anything-else' needs to load a different installation

where 'user-name' is variable.

my motiviation is that the admin area of my app is a whole beast on it's own so i want to keep the two seperate.

been trying to get this right with my .htaccess but no luck Sad

What is the benefit of a separate CI app for the admin side?

It doubles your workload for configuration and upgrades.

You should look into public and private controllers and/or forcing admin login based on the URI via MY_Controller

Or, as many companies do, host your "admin" on a completely separate url with a bunch of white listed IP addresses, if the user doesn't know the url, and isn't coming from a pre-approved white list, they cannot get access to your admin (obviously you'd still want a fully integrated and secure login mechanism). Also completely block the entire domain with your robots.txt file, it will stop your admin site from popping up search engine results.

yeah - it's basically a separation of interests.

i think i might just go with a different domain entirely.

event if it's just admin.app.com/user/

now that i think about it, the main problem is that wildcard SSL is damned expensive.

and everything needs to be on https for this app.

so i can't have user.app.com

it has to be app.com/user

but i'm cool having admin.app.com/user as well

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