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Active Record style LDAP Class/Library

Have any of you ever run into a LDAP library in the same style as Active Record?

So, to find a ldap entry by their uid, I'd say something like:

To update an attribute:
$this->ldap->set('mail','[email protected]')->where('givenname','yo');

And so on.

Pear/Net_LDAP2 doesn't work like that. And it doesn't look like Zend Framework 2's LDAP library works that way either.


I never ever heard of any library that supports such a feature. But the idea seems to be pretty awesome and might come in very handy... Maybe I'll write something (though I'm not that proficient with LDAP at all) and contribute it. Or maybe you want to write something and I may help you out Wink

Heh. I only know LDAP because I was the only person availible to maintain certain directories here at work. So now I'm trying to build something to make that easier. Hence my desire for something nice like Active Record.

*wonders if he can find time to build what he wants*

[quote author="jerrac" date="1349373070"]*wonders if he can find time to build what he wants*[/quote]

Oh I know that feeling. I'm working on extending the CI base-install with many things for almost a year now. And I'm just slowly moving forwards since I don't find time to continuously work on it Tongue

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