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Moving Website onto New Computer

Hey Everyone,

I am trying to move a backup of my website, which uses codeigniter, onto another server in order to make some adjustments and tweaks to it. I have moved it over, downloaded XAMPP,made and put everything in the public HTML file, made a new database and linked it, and re tweaked the config file to make the controllers refer to the localhost. Nevertheless, after about 2 -3 links of moving to different webpages within the website, I can't get anymore of the webpages to appear, I just see blank pages. Am I doing something wrong, or is there something I can set up in codeigniter to make everything refer to the localhost correctly? Thanks in advance.

Do you use the ReWrite configuration on your web app? That means, what's the value of

$config['index_page'] = ?;

and do you have the ReWrite rules in your .htaccess?

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