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CI finding method in other controllers but not my News one

If I put any method in my News controller other than index(), the site won't find it through the URL. No other controller seems to have this problem. I'll demonstrate:

This is temp.php and it displays "got here" on the page when I go to "http://www.mydomainhere.com/temp/rate":
class Temp extends MY_Controller {

   public function rate() { print "got here"; }

This is news.php and I get a 404 error when I go to "http://www.mydomainhere.com/news/rate":
class News extends MY_Controller {

public function rate() { print "got here"; }

public function index() { print "we're in index"; }


If I go to "http://www.mydomainhere.com/news" "we're in index" is displayed.

As a test, I changed News so it is extending CI_Controller directly. Nothing changed.

Any ideas on what could be going on?

you could try putting a entry in the config/routes.php file like this and see if it help:

$route['news/rate'] = "news/rate";

i find it weird too that some times the default routing code does not work quite right, but when i put a entry in the routes.php file it works proper.

but sometimes it works without setting a route entry.

Ah, ha! Here's what's wrong. I looked in routes and saw this:

$route['news/create'] = 'news/create';
$route['news/(:any)'] = 'news/view/$1';
$route['news'] = 'news';

I deleted all that and, vola, my method started working.

I forgot that I put that stuff in there when I was doing the CI tutorials. Thanks Rolly! I'd have never thought to look there had you not mentioned it.

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