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my Controller is not working

i have some controller like this
<td colspan="8">&lt;?php
                echo form_open('c_kategorimaterial/addkategorimaterial');
                echo form_submit('tambah','tambah');                
                echo form_close();

then i copy paste them, then change into similiar controller that open different form

<td colspan="7">&lt;?php
                echo form_open('C_material/addmaterial');
                echo form_submit('tambah','tambah');
                echo form_close();

why does the second controller is not working ?

edit : it works when i use

<td colspan="7">
                    <a href='&lt;?php echo base_url(); ?&gt;index.php/c_material/addmaterial'>Tambah</a>

why does the button is not working ?

i'm not sure .. but is it typo ?
C_material should be c_material

you post the whole code your first and second controller

What you pasted is not a controller but its a view.

Tip: generate your urls this way to be more flexible and save:

<a href='&lt;?php echo site_url("c_material/addmaterial"); ?&gt;'>Tambah</a>

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