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Codeigniter Bashing

So with such a big CI community why has there not been a blog rebuttal of Shawn McCool's article, "Codeigniter is Dead"?


It's also very disconcerting that when you do a Google search on "codeigniter" this blog is the second search result!



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Perhaps because it is patently untrue and the author of the article is just grinding his own axe?
Don't let the alligators get you. Since CI is working for us, it is not worth the time to respond to those who want to promote another framework at the expense of CI. Use the tools which work for you, perhaps even the one espoused by the author... but don't waste time (money) on playing word games in the 'blogosphere'.

Maybe McCool is the type that needs to do a little bashing to make himself feel better about himself? How much needs to be said? He's obviously got a motive to write a post like that, or it wouldn't have been written. I think he was just trying to promote Laravel at the expense of CodeIgniter. What matters to me is that I get the job done, and I do it with CodeIgniter because CodeIgniter makes it damn easy.

The author isn't "bashing" anything. He's stating his opinion. Read the whole thing. He even clarifies that the title was misappropriate for the content of the article.

I agree with many things he brings up. CodeIgniter has its purpose in the world, and that purpose will work well for some and not very well for others. Such is life. I certainly encourage developers to play around with anything and everything at their disposal, to learn and find what suits you best.

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