How to start from Scratch ?

Dear Members.
I never Used any PHP Framework. I just have knowledge of PHP. And i have installed xampp. Apache 5.4 i think there is. MySql server is also installed.

How to install CodeIgniter?

I have copied CodeIgniter folder to htdocs of XAMPP

So how i can access it?

using http://localhost/CodeIgniter/

or someway else? it just shows welcome screen. How i can start project in CodeIgniter?

What is benifit for this?


If you access http://localhost/codeigniter (assuming you put codeigniter in a folder called "codeigniter" in your webroot folder (usually that one is called htdocs for xampp)) then you will see a "success" page that shows that CI is running on your server - or was at least running for creating the response to your one request.

The next thing you do is reading through the user guide. After that you should read through it again. No seriously, read through it again!
Afterwards you either follow the tutorial mentioned in the user-guide or you think of a simple web-app that you might want to create. Therefore you launch your favorite file-editor/IDE to create and edit php-files. If you read and followed the user guide you should know what information you will put where Wink

i did that too.... Installed files and folders of codeigniter in htdocs folder.....
And by entering http://localhost/ i just able to see welcome page.....

didn't see anything else...

Now i would like to code a page in Dreamweaver

So how to use codeigniter?

What is use of that in Dreamweaver?


The use of any framework is providing tools that you will most likely need during every project's development like a database class, a security class, a form-helper, a html-table class, and stuff like that.
You can see Codeigniter any a lot of other frameworks maybe like a toolbox which has a power extension cord, hammers, nails, screws, and other tools. That way you can use your knowledge of building a table and the provided tools to quickly build the table.
If you hadn't have a framework/toolbox, you would have to first create the tools you need. For every project. Every time.

Using Dreamweaver for developing a CI-based app is quite easy. Just navigate to the folder of your codeigniter installation and start coding in the respective folders - controllers in controllers, models in models, libraries in libraries, and so on and so forth.

Oooppsss... Its mean that it is something like script and we can make changings as much as we want? It has builtin functions etc all??? M i right? If i need to start any project so i will need to rename codeigniter folder and i can use any project name etc.... to use it as multiple projects? may i need to copy all Codeigniter files to that directory ?


etc all?

Did you really read the user's guide? These questions should actually be answered within the first view chapters.

But anyways, if you want to create different/multiple projects, you just use the files and folders in the codeigniter download-file and put them into each project's folder. From there you will create every necessary controller, model, library, helper, view, ... to serve the content of your app

Seriously, read the user's guide. It should give you a hint of what CI is designed to be used for and what you need to do in order to achieve certain tasks.

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