Validation not really backwards compatible

The talk about PHP4 backwards compatibility is nice, but there's one gaping hole where CI doesn't work the same in PHP5 as it does in PHP4 - Validation, specifically when trying to use it via autoload.

The problem is that values of "$this->validation->error_string" and invalid fields get lost once you get to the View. Is it because of a bug in CI? a limitation in PHP4?

And yes, I realize you can:
class MyController extends Controller {
    function doStuff() {
  // ...
in any Controller's method, but it will only lead to duplication of code in many places of my app.

I should probably break down and get debugging working to figure this out myself, but if anybody, *Anybody* knows the answer (or at least has a suggestion for where to look), it would be much appreciated.

thread with fix but grab the controller library from SVN the fix is added.

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