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Codeigniter development (v3.0)

[quote author="wiredesignz" date="1352498665"]Changing an URL from underscores to hyphens should cause the application fail under normal circumstances and require the developer to review his code. In this case it will not.[/quote]
This is the first legitimate argument I've heard against the route feature. However, the -/_ replacement is only performed on the first segment. The rest of the URI is unaffected. If someone were to create a normal route to do this replacement, the two URLs would still be valid. So there is no difference in that situation. The only time it would create unexpected results is if you tried example-controller without having a route in place. In which case you would get a valid page instead of an expected 404. Given that, I would recommend a config setting somewhere to toggle the dash replacement feature. Because I still think it's beneficial.

@Aken, Check again. Both the controller and method segments are checked and modified.

You're right, I must've missed that when I originally looked at the code. That changes my opinion slightly. I still think this could be useful, but I think it need to test it myself some more, see if I can break it and find a way to improve. Some more control over for the user to decide if it is actually utilized could be a nice start.

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