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[eluser]Magnificent Ronin[/eluser]
Hey I recently made a website using codeigniter and it is not opening/downloading as fast as it should. My internet connection is standard and the site is not bulky or anything. It has to do with the sidebar for livestreams which is on the main page. What it does is it gets data in xml format from API's of 2 different live steaming websites. Its this process that is a bit slow and I can't do anything to speed it up, partially because of my limited knowledge in this area and partially because it retrieves a lot of data from the API's. Know I was wondering because I made this sidebar as a separate view and with its own controller, is it possible to make the rest of the page load/download and display independently of this part/view which would still be downloading the stream info and when its done then it should display the info?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, this is possible. It would be something like asynchronous loading in other words: You will need to alter your page and add some javascript to get the content of the API responses in with some AJAX (either pure AJAX or get/post).

[eluser]Magnificent Ronin[/eluser]
Thank you, I will look into this.

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