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Looking for a good library to deal with lists of items in backend

Do you know any good library to manage lists of items (articles, users, etc) in the backend?
I was thinking of something similar to Joomla style, which includes filters, search box, order by field, etc, and especially the last version which allows you to re-order items with drag and drop, but this feature is not necessary.

jQuery UI?

I was wondering if there might be some CI (server-side) library to manage that. But I will research lists management with jQuery UI. Maybe this is the best way to do it.

Thanks for your suggestion!

All the fancy drag and drop/etc can only be done in the browser since it manipulates the DOM, which requires javascript.

Otherwise, you'd have a filter or something, and you'd have to submit a form before the filter does anything. Using javascript it can be done in realtime and manipulate what's currently on the screen.

Same with ordering items. Without javascript you'd have a series of text boxes with numbers in them next to each item where you manually enter the "order" number next to each item and submit the form. With javascript you can do drag/drop reordering and save to the database without leaving the page.

So yes it's all possible serverside using forms/etc, but it sounds like you really want to be doing this clientside.

You're right about manipulating the data the user already has on the screen. I was assuming I was having to need the server for every request to filter, re-ordering, searching..., since I wanted to use the CI pagination library. However there's a possibility that some filter or even the search box works on a value whose field will not be necessarily listed. Should I retrieve these values and use hidden fields or attributes to attach them to their corresponding rows to make them possible to use them with jQuery UI anyway? And, I suppose I should discard the CI pagination and use a built-in jQuery UI pagination instead, right?

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