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from MVC to HMVC

hello forum.

The last years i’ve been prgramming applications with codeigniter and following the standard MVC architecture. I am planning moving to HMVC. While i think i undestand the main principles in HMVC i am having trouble understanding if there are any best practices to use this architecture.

For example,

Should i call the module controllers inside usual codeigniter view files using <?php echo Modules::run();?> ?
And if so what about any module-specific assets? should i run a module’s controller that echos these assets in the <head> of my view files?

Or maybe should i access my headers directy using the uri? But in that case, will i have to create a new template for each module?

Maybe i am missing some things here. Excuse my ignorance.
Thanks in advance for your answers.

P.S. If you are aware of any good tutorials i’ll be glad to hear about them.

You might consider having a look at no-cms. (www.getnocms.com) It uses HMVC and is built on CI.

Or have a look at


which are two very good CMS and framework-extension respectively based on CI. Plus @philsturgeon worked on PyroCMS and he participated very much in giving amazing features to the CI fan base.

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