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SharpEdge CMS 3.36.50 Launched!

SharpEdge CMS Launched
Version 3.36.50 is the first community launch of SharpEdge CMS. It has been, being used on my own and client websites for sometime now, and I've finally decided to launch it as open source under the MIT License. I've also included various license files in the package.

PYRO_License - The installer is based off pyro's installer from about a year ago, some bbcode
CODEIGNITER_License - for obvious reasons Big Grin

If someone thinks I missed something please let me know!

Below is what's included in the SharpEdge CMS, I will also explain the project a bit more below.

Package: https://purdydesigns.com/billing/downloa..._36_70.zip
GitHub: https://github.com/srpurdy/SharpEdgeCMS
SharpEdge Website: http://www.sharpedgecms.com/ (Still in development) Smile
Demo: http://demo.sharpedgecms.com/en/auth/login (demouser and demouser)

Install Instructions in Next Post (Out of space!)

Built With
- Widget Extentions
(thanks to wiredesignz) <3 <3
- CodeIgniter 2.1.3
- CodeIgniter (3.0dev is currently in testing)

- Built on Ion Auth, with modifications
- Language Module
- Page System
- Widget System
- Module System (fairly basic right now)
- Menu System
- User Profiles (will be expanded with currently under development forum module)
- Product System (still in the early stages plan to include much more options)
- Download System (very early going here, will plug into the product system)
- Paypal Support (including IPN)
- User/Roles and Permissions
- Basic Template Module to create layout variables
- Blog/News System
- Photo Gallery System (most notable feature is the import by zip file)
-> This also auto generates all thumbnails from the zip (can be memory extensive on large images)
- Slideshow System (Really old and is in the planning stages of re-development)
- Contact Module (Allows multiple contacts and custom fields)
- Google Analytics
- Assets Module (Will likely be depreciated, it's only a simply file uploader)
- Updater Module (this allows the CMS to update itself remotely)
- Log Module (This currently only has a Spam Log)

Javascript framework/libraries
- ckeditor 4.0.0
- kcfinder 2.5.1
- jQuery 1.8.3
- jQuery UI 1.9.1
- modernizr 2.6.2
- Twitter Bootstrap 2.2.1
- lytebox 5.5

Included Widgets
- Blog/News Widget
- News Widget With Images (Articles with attached article image)
- News Photo Slideshow (Slideshow will be replaced soon with a responsive slideshow)
- Login Widget
- AddThis Widget
- Facebook Widget
- Twitter Widget
- Shopping Cart Widget (This uses the native CI Shopping cart, with changes to make it use ajax requests)

Notable Features
- 4 Widget Locations (Customize those locations in your (theme/template)
- Each widget location can have any number of widgets in them (Widget Groups)
- 3 Levels of Menu Navigation
- 3 Resource URLS for cookieless domains
- Attach-able Galleries to News Articles
- Attach-able Galleries to Products
- Custom Layouts (Designs Per Page, and per module)
- Widgets can be code based on HTML based)
- Software Updater - At a click of a button SharpEdge can update itself!
- StopForumSpam for user signups. (Registrations are checked against the StopForumSpam Database)
- Mobile Support (More than just responsive design there is also a mobile template you can use)

- PHP 5.3 Or Higher (has also been tested on PHP 5.4) (has not been tested on PHP 5.2 or lower)
- PHP Must run as the domain user or you may have problems with file uploads and permissions
-> we don't use any insecure folder permissions. Files are always written as 644 and folders 755)
-> We suggest in shared environments to make the database.php file is set to 600 (to prevent apache symlink attacks)
- MYSQL 5 or greater
- GD Library 2
- cURL Enabled (Used for the automatic updater)
- Apache Compiled with mod_expires,mod_headers,mod_rewrite and mod_deflate (highly suggested)

Some more information:
SharpEdge is always under development, and I have many plans and improvements to make. The Gallery System doesn't have full language support so changes to this system are planned really soon.

The Slideshow system will be completely re-designed and will also include a responsive image slider.

I will be also adding a Video System which will likely support only youtube out of the box, the product system will get much more features going forward as well.

If your really reading all of this, you may have noticed a hint at a forum module. This module is currently in development and I did make a post sometime back on here about it. it's still going along, and will eventually be either downloadable add-on module or included in the Core CMS.

Why Version 3? what happen to Version 2 and Version 1?
Quite simple really I started working with codeigniter several years ago back in the 1.7 range. I built a very basic CMS than which was Version 1. Later I added more functionality into it and that eventually made it version 2, but I later wanted much more and Version 1 and 2 didn't have language support, and I also learned a lot doing a custom website for myself which that project took almost a year to develop. So

This is really where Version 3 came about which was really a complete re-write. I also wanted to design the system so it was easy to update and I would for the most part avoid stepping on existing websites with these updates. So version 3 to 3.3x I was making sure it was designed this way. The Updater will not mess with any of your custom themes, and will provide information about template file changes that you should make after an update. This saves me hours of work in the end, and allows the software to be maintained.

Pyro CMS's Admin UI is nice and clean in someways the SharpEdge UI is inspired

How do I install it?
1.Simply download the package from the : https://purdydesigns.com/billing/downloa..._36_70.zip
1a Or you can download from the repo at github!
2.Unzip the archive somewhere onto your computer
3.Upload all the files include in the package to your websites html folder (public_html, httpdocs)
-> 3a Suggested (change the encryption key included in the /sharpedge/config/config.php file)
4.Create a new database using your control panel on your hosting.
5.run the installer script included in the package by going to yourwebsite.com/install
6.Follow the onscreen instructions. (You'll be asked to create your admin login during this process)
7.Delete the /install folder from the server
8.that's it, you should be able to login and start using SharpEdge

- If your getting an internal 500 error when running the application.
--&gt; Open the .htaccess file and remove the deflate and expire headers code from this file.

Any other problems send me an email or report the issue on github. Smile

- To make your own theme folders and build your design in those folders. The Updater will make changes to the default_bootstrap theme when files get updated but your custom themes will go untouched. This will allow you to apply those updates to your themes yourself.

Love to hear it! Smile

Latest Update is on github 3.36.54

I updated CKEditor to 4.0 and fixed a few small bugs.

3.36.54 is also available via the updater module within the CMS.

My noobness with github. noticed it deletes empty folders. The GitHub repo has been updated to include these folders. many of which are really important to functionality of SharpEdge. Most of these are in the assets folder. So if you downloaded from github I suggest downloading again and making sure all the proper folders are in place in the /assets folder.

I've also added a demo here: Demo: http://demo.sharpedgecms.com/en/auth/login
login info (demouser and demouser)

file uploads have been disabled on this demo.

give me the link to download it

[quote author="nishant1234" date="1356344696"]give me the link to download it[/quote]

Read the OP, it's in there at around line 15.

Version 3.36.70 is available now.

This completely re-structures the widget system which also allows for massive global changes with ease. Menu system gets a slight update with drag and drop sorting, via AJAX. I'll likely be using this in other areas soon.

Basically the widget system is now using relational database tables for the pages and modules. So they are now loaded from those tables now instead of from the pages or modules tables.

If your already using an older version you can update using the updater module. Otherwise a new package is listed on the OP, and the github repo is updated as well.


Downloaded your thing...

got error 500
here's the error log entry:
[Mon Feb 04 22:54:49.938575 2013] [core:alert] [pid 6172:tid 1732] [client ::1:12737] D:/xampp/htdocs/sharp/.htaccess: Invalid command 'ExpiresActive', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration

now running mod_expires on Apache
sharp/install worked.. until I clicked the link. Next page http://localhost/sharp/install/install/database_information is missing for some reason

[quote author="yavo" date="1360011412"]Downloaded your thing...

got error 500
here's the error log entry:
[Mon Feb 04 22:54:49.938575 2013] [core:alert] [pid 6172:tid 1732] [client ::1:12737] D:/xampp/htdocs/sharp/.htaccess: Invalid command 'ExpiresActive', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration

now running mod_expires on Apache
sharp/install worked.. until I clicked the link. Next page http://localhost/sharp/install/install/database_information is missing for some reason [/quote]

I haven't tested it on localhost. It's probably a path issue or the php configuration.

Try re-write short tags yes in the codeigniter config /sharpedge/config/config.php

and make sure .htaccess mod_rewrite is working too. mod_headers as well.

See if that makes any difference.

and actually you have it in a sub folder

so you need to edit the .htaccess file to add the /sharp part to the index.php part.

So this file in the install folder.
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond $1 !^(index\.php?|assets|sharpedge|admin|themes|combine\.php)
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ install/index.php?/$1 [L]

to this

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond $1 !^(index\.php?|assets|sharpedge|admin|themes|combine\.php)
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ sharp/install/index.php?/$1 [L]

you'll also have to do this on the root .htaccess file as well. (just without the /install part

Hi! This CMS looks very good!

Installation went easy before the last step.
After entering database name and default user info, I get: "Install Failed!".

I've tried to install it twice, same error. I've checked the database, tables have been added, and the user also. I guess database.php.bak should be writable, because when trying to open main page, I get: "The configuration file database.php does not exist". I'll try one more time...

Update: It works! Both database.php.bak and config folder should be writable.

Some other folders inside assets should also be writable.

Thank you and good luck!

Please provide more instructions on crating themes/templates/layouts.
I guess we have to use Twitter Bootstrap CSS classes and id's.

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