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Are there any scaffolding-like libraries that are intended for 'end user' use?

Hi All,
As I understand it, the scaffold feature is just intended to be used during development for getting data quickly into a table.

I have a couple of tables that I want to quickly put List and Add/Edit/Delete views on, and this is something I often do. I know it's reasonably quick to do this in CI manually, but I wondered if there are any libraries that handle it automatically - e.g. where I just pass in the table name and perhaps a page length and it generates all the list and form views for me.



I encourage you to check out "Ignition" -- Its a code generator for CI. You fill out one small text file describing the table you are "igniting" and it will create for you: the SQL for the table, the model for the object, the controller, and List/Create/Show views for the object.

Here's the URL: http://ignition.lifewithryan.com

Read the material on the Wiki as it walks you through the process step by step. There's also an example in the zip file as well.

Let me know if you like it Smile

[eluser]Jakob Buis[/eluser]
Search for CodeExtinguisher
I've never ever used it but it claims to do all the CRUD-actions for you; which sounds exactly like your request....

EDIT: found it's website

[eluser]Majd Taby[/eluser]
Hey, I am the developer of CodeExtinguisher. It doesn't generate files and it doesn't touch your codeIgniter installation (which means, to uninstall it, you just delete a folder...it's all self-contained) You can tack it onto any already-made codeigniter application w/o messing up anything, and to set it up you need only create a small (~20-30 lines) controller for each of your tables and you're set. It automatically handles authentication, validation, file uploads, dates, anything...oh and it's fully and easily skinnable as it uses a template to generate the pages.

I'd advise you to hold off for a week or so as I am getting ready to launch a major upgrade.

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