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passing query results from view page to controller.


I have built a search page. I enter some criteria and when i click the submit it runs a controller function then shows all the query results below(using "foreach").
However, I created an anchor link below the results table, and when you click that it runs the different function of the same controller. Problem is here. Somehow, I cant manage to put this query results of the search page to anchor link and pass it to the another function in the controller.

How can i pass this query results to another controller using anchor link?

Thanks in advance.

If you want to pass the query results of your search to the anchor function, you'll have to convert the results to a string, then pass the string to the anchor function.

$s = '';
foreach($data as $key => $value)
    //your code that formats/displays the search results
    $s .= 'a[]='. $value->field1 .'&b[]='. $value->field2 .'&c[]='. $value->field3;

This will convert your results into a string and allow you to pass the results to another page. However, it may be easier to create a private function that performs the search, pass the search parameters to your anchor function, then simply perform a new search on the new page using the private search function.

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