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Problems with HTTPS support


I have a strange problem with https urls.

My system is working properly but when I try to connect to the site with https, I always get redirected to the http-version. When I access the https page, I see the "lock-icon" flashing in the address bar and then it turns into the http-version. The address contain the https part but the connection is not secured.

I have set the base_url check for http/https in the config.php

In my controller, I load 3 views. If I remove the view loadings and for example simply just echo something, the HTTPS works. When I echo the base_url I get the correct https url.

Any ideas where to start looking for the problem?




Run <?php phpinfo(); ?> and see if SSL is supported, look for OpenSSL

Phpinfo shows OpenSSL enabled.
The SSL is working, since directories that are not rewritten by htaccess dislay https-pages correctly.

Only CI portion of the site fails the https-pages. I think CI is doing some redirecting that causes the issue, but I cant figure out what and why.

I made a simple controller with only the constructor and a index function and echoed something. That works fine with both http and https. If I try to load any view from the controller, https fails.

Any idea whats wrong?

Oh boy I was stupid.

In my view I was getting images from http connection, so the browser shows that the connection is not fully secured.

Thank and Sorry!

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