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How to? word-wrapp with write_file() (txt, file_helper)

I'm working with XAMPP on localhost and do create and update textfiles. But I don't get a word-wrap with \n oder \r\n. What can i do to write line for line in a txt-file?

// get some ids from the formular
$export_id = $this->input->post('export_id');
// headline in new textfile
$headline   =   '"zip";"city";"country"'.'\n';
// create new textfile with a headline
        write_file('file_path/example.txt', $headline);
// for every id from formular get data from a db-table
        foreach($export_id as $id)
            $this->db->where('export_id', $id);
            $query  =   $this->db->get('persons');
                    $person =   $query->row();
// creating the next line for the textfile and write it in the textfile
                    $line   =   $person->export_zip.", ".
                                $person->export_city.", ".
                    write_file('file_path/example.txt', $line, 'a');
It works, but all the content is in one line. What can I do better?

Try putting your newline string within double quotes instead of single (which means literal...you don't literally want \n appearing as text - you want it to be evaluated as a new line character).

$person->export_country . "\n";

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