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Problem with CJAX

Hello all, I have been trying to install CJAX and I quite frankly have no idea where to turn to other then the how to's and even then the author makes it so "simple" to explain that if something happens that I is not expected you can't do anything to remedy.

As per instructions : I have taken a screen shot of them :

but also here is the html :


He doesn't really explain in detail where to extract? My website base url is as so :
$config['base_url'] = 'https://www.finaidtest.com/';

my root directory however is /usr/local/var/www/public/

I have tried so many different way to get this to work, and it is just not happening. Any help would be awesome.

I think that everything within the application directory, should go into the corresponding directories within your own application directory.

Everything else goes into the Web root (I think).

Seems like a lot of others have the same issue in understanding this manual. 36 others just looked it and said nothing lol... and still nothing...


Did you try what I suggested?

Yes I have done so.

My folder structure is like so :

(all the other cjax stuff)

and the website root is : /usr/local/var/www/test/public

Pics :


Then I'm sorry. I'm all out of ideas. It might be worth contacting the author, or just trying another library.

I have emailed with this topic. Do you know of any other libraries?

Not off-hand. Sorry. I just use JQuery and controllers. I don't use a library.

I want to use Jquery but I am not to good with it. The reason I want to use CJAX is that it is so simple and does all the things I need. Do you know of any good tutorials with Jquery? I am pretty good with PHP so the controller (MVC) pattern is treating me quite well.

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