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System Management Problems

Hi everyone, I wonder if you can help?

I recently commissioned a CI developer to build a large site. This new site is experiencing quite a few problems... two of which are with users being logged out of the system when trying to use functionality that has been built, and also gaining access to another user's account when logging in (which is very dangerous from a security point of view).

The developer is basically washing his hands off all responsibility and has suggested that the problem is not with his code but instead with the CI framework which is renowned for having many problems.

I would be ever so grateful to hear your views on this.

Yours kindly, Richard.

Welcome to the CodeIgniter forums!

Interesting. I doubt it is anything to do with the framework to be honest. Users being logged out randomly could have something to do with the session settings (although I doubt it), or that he hasn't encrypted the cookie, and users are able to exploit this, but as for user's being able to gain access to other users' accounts, I'm pretty certain that has nothing to do with the Framework at all. CodeIgniter doesn't handle authentication (because it has no authentication library), so it's up to the developer to write a library or to use an existing library. If CodeIgniter was so terrible, why was your developer using it?

Granted, CodeIgniter does have a few bugs, but certainly nothing that would cause the problems that you're describing. I think that your developer needs to man up, admit that he's a complete idiot, and do something about it. Any developer worth his salt wouldn't knowingly write an application based on a framework that "renowned for having many problems". That would be like building a block of flats on swampland. It's just absolute idiocy and dickheadishness.

Please feel free to PM me. I'd be happy to discuss this further with you, and to take a look to see if there's anything I can do to fix it (provided it's something simple and doesn't take a complete rewrite).

Thank you for your feedback with regards to the problems highlighted in my first post. Sorry it's taken a while to come backā€¦ I'm very unwell at the moment which isn't surprising considering the amount of stress I have had to deal with over the past month or two.

This is just a small problem compared to the vast array of other issues we have found with the website. After quite a long and tiresome battle with this company (who I am going to remain professional by not naming and shaming them), I am at the end of my tether. It looks like this matter will now be going to court due to the amount of problems and because of their attitude.

I have recently employed a talented developer who shares exactly the same opinion as you on this matter and many others. It's just a shame because a large amount of money has been wasted on a project which I was incredibly passionate about, but now, due to the failure, I'm left incredibly disappointed. We are having to find money to practically rebuild the site. I hear this isn't too uncommon which makes me feel a little more relaxed!

I still believe that this can be a fantastic website and I will always be looking for talented developers as the site grows so it would be great to keep in touch (if you wouldn't mind sending me your details).

Thank you once again for your message.

Yours kindly, Rich.

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