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Problem with database access

Ok I have tried googling everything I can think of and have turned up nothing. My site was working fine, then a few days ago I added some logic to a controller and made some changes to my css and now I'm getting this error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function num_rows() on a non-object in /home/curved/public_html/taylormhicks.com/system/libraries/Session.php on line 216

I can get past this error by not using the database with sessions (which I don't want to do) but then I get the same error in my models that access the database.

I understand the error but I don't understand why my databases query results are not being initialized as objects.

In addition to this the entire site works fine on my localhost and the only difference is that my localhost is IIS 8 with php installed while the live site is linux with apache and php, I have both microsoft sql server and mysql on my localhost but the site leverages mysql.

The only differences in the code from the live site and local site is changes to the database name and login credentials which as far as I can tell is correct.

For my localhost routing I convert the .htaccess to a webconfig file using microsofts conversion utillity.

the site in question is taylormhicks.com

Can anyone help, Please?

Anyone at all? Should I try replacing the system folder with a new one from ellis labs?

It seems the problem was with the password being incorrect and db_debug being set to false.
After changing db_debug to true I got and error unable to connect to database.
After inspecting the password it seems I had accidentally appended a ' '(space) to the end of the password. After I removed the space, re-uploaded the file to the server and hit refresh every thing started working perfectly.

Hope this can help some one else having this same problem.

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