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[Sessions] Issue with displaying data


I have an application where a user can submit a form with work related data and send this to his/her manager. This data is stored in a DB and given a unique ID.

This unique ID is send thru email to the manager.

A URL can look like: http://domain/fetch/0123dfkjb49tsdfw352

If you click the link the ID is checked and the data is fetched and stored in a session and you are redirected to a view.

The problem is that when a manager opens a second like, the old information is shown (from the previous link). Only after a browser screen refresh the new data is show.

I tried removing session data, unsetting it but nothing seems to work. Any idea what is causing this?

Hello Smile
What is the point of storing data in session and then redirecting the user to another page to show him the post?
Cant you just check if such row exist in db and if so show, else show some error message? Or you have other idea?

I know.. Smile Rewrote it to not use session data but just data from the database and a view. Some data had te be reused and a session seemed logical to avoid unnecessary queries to the database.

Problem solved!

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