view and edit all the content of my htaccess file

I am new to developing websites on PHP (with Apache server) and I am having a problem which I believe has something to do with my htaccess file. I am using in Codeigniter and when I try to open the file using my text editor I am able to see

"Deny from all"

and that is it. I know this is a htaccess command, but I believe the Codeigniter htaccess has many more commands on it (correct me please if I am mistaken). So how do I view all the content of this file so that I can edit it?

I do not know if this is relevant, but my problem has to do with $_POST variables being empty. Reading around it seems that I have to make some changes to my htaccess file.

Thanks in advance!

<b>.htaccess</b> files within <b>application</b> and <b>system</b> folders are there for security reasons so no-one could get to your source code directly (ie just typing in URL <b></b>).

If you want to user .htaccess file URL rewrite feature, documentation explains how that's done.

Basically it's only .htaccess file in your root folder (where the main index.php file and application and system folders are).

Pert, thanks for your reply!

So if I understand correctly, when people (in stack overflow per say), say that their codeigniter .htaccess contains certain commands, they actually mean that they wrote it themselves?


And by the way do you know why would it be the case that my $_POST variables are empty? apparently it has to do with the .htaccess, but I am not sure.

Thanks again for your help!

Yeah, people hack around with their root folder .htaccess file how ever they see fit. He's example seems to be a longer version of what developers usually use for their applications.

I don't think POST has anything to do with your .htaccess file, definitely not when you haven't changed your files to start with.

Is your form/ajax method set to POST?

.htaccess has nothing to do with input request like $_POST sir. Smile

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