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[error] unexpected $this in model file for upload library

[eluser][email protected][/eluser]
I just found I missed ; after the array (), so it was not big deal but I have more issue, so I will take out those unnecessary content for now...But very likely I will be back for the actual issue related to same file!
sry for it Smile
now is the real issue:
The line #86 is : $files = scandir($this->$media_path); //standard PHP function
The result in below code returns:
Quote:A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Notice

Message: Undefined variable: media_path

Filename: models/post_model.php

Line Number: 86

Fatal error: Cannot access empty property in C:\xampp\htdocs\user_files\chenwei_huang\analyst\system\core\Model.php on line 51


class Post_model extends CI_Model {
var $media_path;//Upload Media Files
var $media_path_url;

function Post_model() {
  parent:: CI_Model;
  $this->media_path = realpath(APPPATH.'../images');//Upload Media Files
  $this->media_path_url = base_url().'images/';

public function __construct(){
  $this->media_path = realpath(APPPATH.'../images');//Upload Media Files
  $this->media_path_url = base_url().'images/';
  //$this->media_path = realpath(APPPATH.'../images');//Upload Media Files
  //$this->media_path_url = base_url().'images/';
  //$this->load->helper('url'); //This function - provided by the URL helper - strips down the string you pass it, replacing  
         //all spaces by dashes (-) and makes sure everything is in lowercase characters. This leaves  
         //you with a nice slug, perfect for creating URIs.

public function get_post($pos_slug = FALSE){
  if ($pos_slug === FALSE){
   $query = $this->db->get('post');
   return $query->result_array();
  $query = $this->db->get_where('post', array('pos_slug' => $pos_slug));
  return $query->row_array();

public function set_post(){
  $pos_slug = url_title($this->input->post('pos_title'), 'dash', TRUE);
  $data = array(
   'pos_title' => $this->input->post('pos_title'), //the post() method from the input library. This method makes sure the data is
               //sanitized, protecting you from nasty attacks from others. The input library
               //is loaded by default. At last, you insert our $data array into our database.
   'pos_slug' => $pos_slug,
   'pos_desc' => $this->input->post('pos_desc')
  return $this->db->insert('post', $data);

public function deletepost() {
  echo 'DeltePost Ran';
  /*$this->db->where(“example_id”, $this->example_id);

/*Upload Media Files BEG*/

function do_media_upload() {
  $config = array(
   'allowed_types'=> 'jpg|jepg|gif|png',
   'upload_path'=> $this->$media_path,
   'max_size'=>2000 //its 2MB = 2000
  //$this->load->library('upload', $config);
  $this->load->library('upload', $config);
  $config = array(
   'source_image'=> $image_data['full_path'],
   'new_image'=> $this->$media_path.'/thumbs',
   'maintain_ratio'=>true, //
   'width'=> 150,
   'height' => 100
  $this->load->library('image_lib', $config);
}//do_media_upload() END

function get_images(){
  $files = scandir($this->$media_path); //standard PHP function
  $files = array_diff($files, array('.', '..','thumbs'));
  $images = array();
  foreach ($files as $file) {
   $images[] = array (
    'url' => $this->meida_file_url.$file,
    'thumb_url' => $this->meida_file_url.'/thumbs'.$file

/*Upload Media Files END*/

[eluser][email protected][/eluser]
Guys, I just updated the post, plz help me take a look! thanks!

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