What are the advantages of Codeigniter against frameworks as of zend, cakephp, and symphony?

What are the advantages of Codeigniter against frameworks as of zend, cakephp, and symphony?
i need some opinion !!!! Smile thanks

IMO, the simplicity of CodeIgniter is one of the most advantages when compare to other frameworks. It helps us easy to learn, extend,...

Thanks I appreciate your opinion

These are the factors why I used CodeIgniter.

1. Simplicity - Very easy to use (This is the right framework it simplify things not complicate)
2. Documentation - Very very nice documentation.
3. No commercialism - It's 100% free and they don't offer to force you to buy products/services. (Unlike Zend Framework)
4. Massive community - Really...
5. Tons of resources
7. Very popular
8. Very stable framework

I will tell you... I almost tried all the framework.
Zend, Symfony, Cakephp etc...

But only CodeIgniter makes me happy Smile

i also tried laravel and joomla. but nothing beats Codeigniter for simplicity robustness. The documentation is so straightforward.

As always, it's about picking the right tool for the job, considering the person holding the tool...

CodeIgniter is simple, easy to learn, easy to understand, well documented, and reasonably well suited for beginners and the simple work. It's been around for dogs years, and hardly changed in that time, so there's a lot of info around.

CodeIgniter is crap if you want to make something big, complex, modular and extendable. And in terms of evolution it's stuck in PHP4 days, and dead (as any work to modernize it will not make it CodeIgniter anymore).

Having "tons" of external stuff just makes it worse, it increases the complexity, things don't work together, and before you know it you're extending half the core. Which makes the end result bloated, big, slow and impossible to maintain.

ymmv, see line 1... Wink

Are you still using CodeIgniter dude?
I use WireDesign HVMC that is why I'm still loving CodeIgniter.

I'm thinking to use FuelPHP or Laravel.

No, not for application development. We still have a few Pyro based sites that we maintain, but nothing new anymore.

We switched more then two years ago, because we're into "big, modular and complex" (we do corporate applications, not public websites), and CI simply didn't cut it. Since we've switched (to Fuel) our productivity nearly doubled, applications are faster and use less memory, and with namespacing and modules/packages there's a lot more separation and reusablility.

HMVC is one of those typical "bolted-on" solutions in CI, that only makes things more complex, replaces a fare chunk of the core (and thus collides with other stuff that has to do the same). And it isn't proper HMVC, as it doesn't isolate the request. It can't, because everything is CI is global (an HMVC call for example should have it's own HTTP request, HTTP method and Input).


Once again your understanding of the HMVC design pattern fails you.

HMVC has nothing to do with the Http request or response objects in web applications. Isolation of the request is irrelevant and I believe you just made that up.

HMVC concerns itself only with delegation of responsibilty. Routing or "Forwarding" to the appropriate controller is all that is required to facilitate the HMVC design pattern.

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