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Cache not working after switch from PC to Mac

Hi everyone,

Just switched over from PC to Mac and all of a sudden my cache files are not writing anymore (in my local xampp environment). Using Phil Sturgeons caching library.

Thought it may have been a write access issue when I copied the files from PC -> Mac. So, I deleted the folder and created a new one, but still no luck, checked the folder info and it says it is read/write.

Anyone else got some pointers for me???

Thanks in advance.

Doing a little research, it looks like when you copy files/folders from PC -> Mac it can really muck up file permissions.

I would have thought that creating a new cache folder would have overcome this problem, but I'm wondering if that if permissions are mucked up for higher level folders (obviously my cache folder is nested within the folder hierarchy) that this could be the culprit (ie: permissions on applications are screwy, thus my new nested cache folder is also screwy).

Any thoughts on this possibility? I've got no real experience on file/folder permissions or CHMOD. Found a topic that says do a recursive 777, but then another that says that's a terrible idea because it makes every file executable. All a bit beyond my skills...

Generally the permissions on folders should be 755 and 644 on files but I've never used the Mac OS so I can't help you any further than that

Thanks champ!

Okay, in case anyone else ever has this problem I got it sorted, is was strictly a permissions problem, looks like by default that the XAMPP folder on OSX is not writable.

I followed this:

Which in turn broke my mysql connection in XAMPP, which I then fixed by following:

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