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NetBeans and CodeIgniter Howto?

I have installed netbeans 7.3.1 and xdebuger all on a mac os.

The debugger works fine if I am debugging files like test.php. I can easily set a break point, run the debugger and then see how the code does.

The problem is how to do it in code ignitor. I just want to see how "public function index ()" runs (this is just an example). I set the break point to the first line in the index function in the controller but netbeans just runs past it and doesn't stop for me to see (I think).

This is a good tutorial but cannot see how to run pages that are products of the controller etc etc etc. http://wjmceachran.com/articles/70-codei...beans.html

Your help much appreciated.


Put the breakpoint an a line that has some "real code" to execute. Not on an empty line, not on a remark, not on a block "bracket", not on the function name, etc.
If it's not stopping there, chances are it's not really passing there.

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