Heater problem - can't find any white spaces

I'm tinkering with a site that's quite old by now. It's based on codeigniter 1.7. Now I get this message:
Quote:A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Warning

Message: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at xxxxxx/application/config/config.php:1)

Filename: libraries/Session.php

Line Number: 662

When I google this topic everyone point towards possible white spaces in the referred file. But I can't find any in my config-file. I'm pretty sure this was honky dory when I did the site. Any suggestions on what I should search for errors..?


I remember bugs related to byte ordering mark.
What W3C says with example.
I started from this page, but you could find more sources very easy.
Try to save (custom made) file(s) without bom.

[quote author="Tpojka" date="1385296087"]Try to save (custom made) file(s) without bom.[/quote]

What do you mean?

Find all files that are included in runtime (controller, model, custom made helper, custom made library...) and encode it to UTF-8 without BOM. In Notepad++ it is in Menu Encoding. Than save the file.

edit: or try it with config.php file first.

[quote author="Tpojka" date="1385297413"]...and encode it to UTF-8 without BOM.[/quote]
Sry for being such a noob about this, but whats a BOM?

Edit, by the way, is it possible to turn off warnings?

Just google for BOM. At wiki there is text too.
I am not an expert but witnessed saving file as UTF-8 without BOM could solve that problem.
I pointed how to set it in Notepad++, but every editor should have option for formating edited file(s).

For disabling warnings, you have to set code in index.php (the root one) with some of wanted levels.

Hmm.. It seems it was an upper/lower case letter issue. When I change the meta casting from: charset=utf-8 to charset=UTF-8 the warning vent away.

However, now some characters are �. An thought on that..?

No hold it...

I tried to duplicate the error, so I changed back and forth between lower and upper case. The issue is back, no matter how I set up the charset in the config-file.

I am assuming that you are talking about line in config.php:
$config['charset'] = 'UTF-8';

I was not talking about that in posts before, but I was talking about this:

1. download application/config/config.php
2. open it in Notepad++*
3. go to encoding menu
4. convert to UTF-8 without BOM
5. save file
6. upload and replace

*already said other rich editors have their options, but I can point on Notepad++ now

That is what I suggested in my first post too.
Why don't you try?

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