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newbie redirect question with ajax

i'm trying to redirect from within a controller to a different page, recinput2.

redirect('recinput2', 'location');

when i run this in a controller function called login that is called via ajax, i get the response in ajax and i can view the page in firebug but the page itself does not change in the browser. How can i get the webpage to change in the browser in response to an ajax call?

BTW The ajax call is made with jQuery

var username = $('#username').val();
  var password = $('#password').val();
  function logObj ( a, b ) {
   this.username = a;
   this.password = b;
  var obj = new logObj ( username, password );
  var strToSend = encodeURIComponent(jQuery.toJSON( obj ));

   url: '/index.php/welcome/login',
   type: 'POST',
   async: false,
   data: 'passme=' + strToSend,
   success: function(data) {  
    alert("Receipt Deleted");

success: function(data) {  
  [removed] = 'http://www.yoursite.com/the/url';  //force the browser to go to the new url  

Edit: The forum filters it out.

it's window[dot]location = the url

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