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Session database errors and query builder chaining

I am having an issue on production server after upgrading to CI3. Additional conditions are being added to a session database query by the query builder. The two where clauses in bold are from a simple select query in an normal CI model, and I am not sure why they are being applied to an update query within the CI_Session_database_driver class. My suspicion is that because these session handler functions are registered using PHPs session_set_save_handler that they have access to the CI->db object that is concurrent with other running processes. Any thoughts on resolving this?

A Database Error Occurred
Error Number: 1054
Unknown column 'ur.user_id' in 'where clause'

UPDATE `ci_sessions` SET `timestamp` = 1429568240, `data` = '__ci_last_regenerate|i:1429564536;'
WHERE `ur`.`user_id` = '1'
AND `r`.`active` = 1

AND `id` = 'efe35de70aeeab890cb68562d8058cad6e48d52b'

Filename: libraries/Session/drivers/Session_database_driver.php
Line Number: 243

My suspicion would be that you are using query caching and the session is being updated while the cache is enabled, but there's not much I can do to help without seeing the code for the model.

Thanks for your help. Query caching is definitely not enabled anywhere (either in config or manually using the cache_on() function) also, the session database driver would be throwing an error:

PHP Code:
elseif ($this->_db->cache_on)
throw new 
Exception('Configured database connection has cache enabled. Aborting.'); 

The model itself is utterly boring, the function in question (which is the only function in the codebase to have these specific where clauses):

PHP Code:
public function get_user_roles($user_id) {
       $this->db->select('r.role_id, r.role_name, r.permissions')
                ->from('user_role_tbl as ur')
                ->join('role_tbl as r''ur.role_id = r.role_id')

       $res $this->db->get();
($res->num_rows() == 0) {
           return array();
= array();
($res->result() as $row) {
           ...return the data in array, etc... 

If you can see any issue here please let me know...

Where is the session being used?

Hi all,

Experiencing the same issue.

Brand new installation of CI 3 from download. Enabled autoload session. Setup database for session. Error as above any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

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