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URLs from 2.3 to 3.0

Hi people,

i'm trying to do a migration.

In this project there are lot of URLs without the the rule in routes, and is called directly from code.

For example i have A with the this link:


And not works...

I must to change the capital letter of the controller Multi and it woks.


I need to change all the links of code and put the capital letter of controller?

Please i need help!! I can't change the URLs because is a old project and have lot of url indexed in google for example.


CodeIgniter let you override System functions, and so you can create a custom function which handle url, maybe (site_rul()), in that custom function, you can uppercase or lowercase (even ucWord) each URL string.
NexoPOS 2.6.2 available on CodeCanyon.

You don't have to overwrite the links. You only have to rename your controller files with capital first letter "welcome.php" => "Welcome.php"

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