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Adding call back validation to form_validation.php

I am working on a intranet web app and there is one company specific validation needed during form submission. I have done the function but it always returns false. This what it looks like:

PHP Code:
public function check($check){

the error message associated with the function is custom defined in a form validation error langauge file and even tho without doing anything (After failing), the form kept on saying error due to this check up. What am I missing? I see the way the other functions in the form validation helper are constructed and they seem to be working the same way.

Can someone share a light on this one? Even creating a custom validation form (but it is just two validation functions needed so i prefer to include them in the CI validation form)

The CodeIgniter user guide is really simple to understand (http://www.codeigniter.com/user_guide/li...on-methods). You are giving way to little information for us to help you on this matter. Show us how you've set the rules, show us how you did the form validation check...

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