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What is wrong with my usage of isset ?

//if (isset($this->session->account_level))
      $accesslevel = $this->session->account_level;

I don't really need the if statement anyway, but if I use it the result is always false.

Then $this->session->account_level doesn't exist.

If I comment out the if statement like I did the variable $accesslevel is set to a value, so it must exist. Maybe it's thought of as being a property rather than a variable and perhaps isset doesn't work with properties. Just a guess.

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If I'm reading PHP's documentation correctly, the Session library would have to define __isset() for this to work properly. It might also be worthwhile to define __unset().

__isset() might look something like this (based on the current definition of __get()):
PHP Code:
public function __isset($key)
    if (isset($_SESSION[$key])) 
        return isset($_SESSION[$key]);
    elseif ($key === 'session_id'
        return session_id() !== '';

    return FALSE;


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