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A local licencing system?

Hello everybody,
It's been a while since I started using CodeIgniter and finally I made an app that would be really useful. The last step on my process is to add a licensing system to it. I don't want to go too crazy with a server generating the licenses code and verifying them and everything, basically I want to include the licenses somewhere on the app and ask the user for licenses on first use then verify it locally. Of course it would easily be hackable but I think it is the best solution for my situation.

So what method would you recommend? Also it would be helpful if there is a guide about something like this, I couldn't really find much. Please do go into details if possible and thanks a lot for your help Smile

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If it is an open source licence just include it in your software files and state the licence before download. If it is a commercial licence you will need to generate some sort of authentication key on purchase otherwise it would be useless.

This might be useful.

For commercial licencing it would well be worth paying for a service provider to do all the locking and checking for you. (e.g. http://www.nalpeiron.com/)

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