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[split] CodeIgniter not popular in Russia because...

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In Russia Codeigniter no longer popular. This is due to the fact that codeigniter stuck in development.
Russia more popular Yii. Gaining popularity Laravel. Symfony and Zend used in large commercial projects.
Russian communities Codeigniter stopped working. Blogs all write that "Codeigniter died", and it should not be used. But all this is subjective views.

Pros codeigniter:

- Very simple
- Easy to size
- No server load
- Only the most basic functions. Nothing extra
- Codeigniter documentation has always been ideal.
- ....... and so on

Huge minus codeigniter:

- No system of authorization and registration default
- No HMVC. It would be useful if in addition to conventional controllers, models, display, you can make full modules. Who wants to use mvc, others will use hmvc. To a choice

    --- controllers
    --- views
    --- models
    --- modules
            ----- controllers
            ----- views
            ----- models
        ---- blog
           ----- controllers
           ----- views
           ----- models

- No normal test
- Weak routing
- No namespace.
- ..... and so on

All this is very influenced the transition from codeigniter to other frameworks. Of course, many problems can be solved libraries: authorization and modules, but seeing that they are not in codeigniter, people go to other frameworks.
Codeigniter fourth version must be in php 7. Codeigniter 4 is able to change the situation.  Smile

From what I've seen before, Yii is developed by many Russian and Chinese guys and naturally they pay attention to internationalization (there are many aspects to be covered, let us skip this for now). This is why it is convenient for them.

In CodeIgniter 3 there are many corrections about internationalization implemented gradually. About CodeIgniter 4, we shall see.

Ivantcholakov, quite true. Began work on a framework led Qiang Xue. After that, he began to help other developers, most of whom are Russian. Codeigniter should also pay attention to the internationalization. It will help to bring the community of good programmers from different countries. Of course, need to wait Codeigniter 4.
I wanted to write a big project, but it is the development codeigniter puts its application into question. But the Proposed Roadmap pleases. So while began to write on Codeigniter 3

I am not sure I understand the criticism here.

What exactly does 'internationalisation' mean? I have, about 6 months ago, built a site in CI that had russian, english and french versions. I have also, about two months ago, built a site that does thai and english. I had no problems at all (except of course the usual 'how do I handle these language option questions which has nothing to do with CI. In fact in both cases I used very different approaches.).

HMVC - Fine, I get that. I used the wiredesignz HMVC structure for one site, but since have never used it. Instead the limit on folder structure for controllers actually helps me structure my application design. I have some complex sites using CI with MVC working perfectly fine.

Models, views and libraries have infinite folder regress so my latest site which I am building uses very thin controllers and modular libraries and models (split into logic and database) that is working superbly well. In fact this is a third rebuild of the site that is now taking on stupendously complex scenarios (for me at least) that thin controllers with modular libraries is working fantastically well. So much so that even just tonight I was amazed at how efficiently I did (yet again) feature changes.

I sometimes suspect that criticism from newbies with one post to their name are actually some form of online harassment. Fill the forum with enough complaint posts and newcomers might get concerned. I have no evidence of this, nor a good motive, but it seems that a first post saying how unpopular CI is, appears, at least to me, to have ulterior motives.

CI is a fabulous framework that I personally have great loyalty to. If you like another framework, or if another framework has features you want, fine, use it. There is room for many frameworks, like evolution has room for many creatures. CI is not in competition with Yii or anyone else IMHO. It has features that I love. HMVC is neither one of those or one I want. As for 'authorisation systems', I write my own, on CI. Or use one of the many auth libraries available. A dedicated auth system makes no sense. Every situation is different, and any set auth system is a weakness and a waste of time. I want the developers that give their time freely to develop the framework, not an application that runs on the framework. If CI chases popularity it might as well become just another forum/blog/shop/cms app. It is not that, it is an amazingly flexible and reliable framework that makes my programming life easier, more fun and more powerful because of it.

I can't believe how long I have gone on in this post - sorry. But your criticism is pointless, meaningless and at worst downright dishonest.

Best wishes,


(11-25-2015, 05:28 PM)PaulD Wrote: I sometimes suspect that criticism from newbies with one post to their name are actually some form of online harassment. Fill the forum with enough complaint posts and newcomers might get concerned. I have no evidence of this, nor a good motive, but it seems that a first post saying how unpopular CI is, appears, at least to me, to have ulterior motives.

Most people are just short-sighted, we don't need to turn that into a conspiracy theory.

As always, you are quite right. Just a bit fed up with 'Bug in CI Database' or 'CI doesn't do this' or 'CI doesn't use namespaces' comments. It just winds me up. As opposed to genuine 'Can anyone see what I am doing wrong here' type questions. I do not go on a 'We love dogs' forum to post 'I prefer cats' or 'Why dogs are not as good as snakes'.

I just wish I was better than I am at programming to actually help with the development of CI. It genuinely has changed my development life for the better. So thank you to everyone that has made CI possible. (And given the number of commits, to you too Narf - Thank you.)

No conspiracy theory intended.


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I don't care how many posts condor has here. He expresses a well-intentioned opinion, debatable in some details, of course.

Nevertheless what you want or believe, CodeIgniter has its worthy competitors, this is an objective fact. And it is always good watching what competition does.

Maybe you not misunderstood what I wanted to convey to the participants of this forum. There probably blame my very bad English. There's no conspiracy theory. Codeigniter stuck in development. This is true. No need to say that there is no. Now it is important to understand that he was sent in good hands, and he is ready to grow. Here it is important now.

As for the criticism that it should be. I am for a healthy criticism. You have to take criticism for what it is. You have to listen to any opinion and only then thinking to make any conclusions. Any ideas would be helpful.

Not need to stop there. We must learn from the early mistakes. Then codeigniter is really a worthy competitor for other.
In this thread, I only expressed my objective opinion. But I see that many do not understand or they do not like. If you do not see or do not understand, from very sorry. And if I started talking, it is not only my opinion but the opinion of the majority.

Paul, for me personally, it is easy to write yourself hvmc, authorization, registration and crud. The word "internationalization" I mean support not only the localization of languages. Not at all. I have meant that in many countries codeigniter not popular.
I am ready to contribute to the development Codeigniter. But if it is a waste of time, and if everyone is this perception, then nothing good will come. Paul, i love constructive views, meaningful, not based on emotions. As a consequence, the rest I'm not interested.


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I think we all know that in soviet Russia computer programs you.
Practical guide to IgnitedCMS - Book coming soon

Iamthwee, I do not understand you. What do you mean by that?

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