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Redux Authentication 1.4a (24th July 2008)

Quote:I'm using the Redux Authentication 2 Beta.
The forgotten password feature, doesn't seem to work.
I've autoload the 'email' library. Have tested on a new controller to see if it works.

Then I tried forgotten password. It prompted "The email failed to send, try again."

Problem known, guys you may ignore this post, working on a solution now.


I'm having trouble with 1.4a. I just installed it, but a lot of things seem to not be working. Judging from the number of recommendations to this library, I'm thinking it is a safe bet that it is a case of OE (Operator Error). But I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. I'm not sure if you guys will be able to help me from a distance like this, but hey, a guy can hope. Smile

Here are some problems I'm running into:

-You can register for the same username and email multiple times. It doesn't seem to be checking properly right now.
-No matter what, when logging in, it always goes to the case false.

I'm obviously not a PHP pro, and definitely not a codeigniter one either. But are these two symptoms tell-tale signs to you codeigniter masters out there of my problem? Is it something obvious? Boy, I hope so.

Thanks for any reply to this...even "what are you talking about" but preferably starting with "You can fix your problem easily with one easy step that even a dummy can do..." Or maybe somewhere in the middle.

I use Redux Auth for my project, imho is a best auth module( I tried many ). It's simple and easy. There is missing only one thing - "remember me". If somebody already implement this I'll be glad if him share a code, if not I'll have to write my own.

@ cz231
> -You can register for the same username and email multiple times. It doesn’t seem to be checking properly right now.

I'm currently using 1.4a too, and extending the validation using http://www.scottnelle.com/41/extending-c...n-library/

For me, it solved that problem. Cmiiw.

Is it just me, or when I download version 1.4a, I don't get Controllers user guide page (in Redux Authentication Examples)?

How I can remember the session after restart the browser?
I would like add a checkbox to login form to do it


I’m using the Redux Authentication 2 Beta, I’ve this error during installation:

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Notice

Message: Undefined property: Welcome::$redux_auth

Filename: controllers/welcome.php

Line Number: 187

Fatal error: Call to a member function logged_in() on a non-object in system\application\controllers\welcome.php on line 187

Could you help me?


The documentation for the forgotten password procedure seems to have a glitch or two in it. The example controllers for Steps 2 and 3 seem to be identical. And there is no explanation of how the site user is to access the form for Step 2.

Is the documentation in need of an update? If not, what is the correct way for a site user to access the form for Step 2?

Thanks in advance to all for any info.

A tip - add the install.sql script to the 2.0 version archive, it is not obvious that you have to download the previous version in order to see the database structure.

So Redux Auth is no longer being maintained? Is it still the easiest, lightest weight auth library? Is the V2 beta working or is it better to stick with the old 1.x?

EDIT: OK I found the final thread by Popcorn announcing it's demise. The forks seems overly complicated but I will given them a shot.

I agree that it may not make sense for an Auth solution to ship with CideIgniter but, criminy, this is such a key piece of functionality that it's ludicrous that no decent options seem to exist. Every single application that I can contemplate building needs pretty much the same basic authentication functionality.

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