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CodeIgnitre for ecommerce

Hi Dear CI Users,
I have a question.
I've started codeigniter. Someone say: 'codeigniter not good for large projects'. But someone say: 'good'.
I will write e-commerce with CI. My question is:
Is CODEIGNITER good for security and speed?


i have large Projects with Codeigniter and i don`t use any other Framework! We use it for CRM with this Features:

- Customer Call redirect to Profile
- Generate .xls, pdf, and ods Documents with Custom Data
- Millions of Data (MariaDB as Backend)

And to your Question: Is CODEIGNITER good for security and speed?


Best Regards

It's as good as bad. There are also positive and negative sides, like on every framework. If you can use it, you will sure lead it to the right way and get good eCommerce solution. About speed and security, it's really good. Speed is much better than Laravel, cause CI (CodeIgniter) has not that much dependencies for example Laravel has.

What CI is lacking, is build in Auth and Assets management. We created own libraries for that and it's working really well in many projects.

thank you so much for your valuable answer.

I think codeigniter 3.0 is not using latest features that can be future proof.You can built large app using just core php as well as codeigniter. So it's depends on your test.Keep well organize and well planed your app from start to end.

Speed: Absolutely. Out of the box, there are very few PHP frameworks that are faster. Once you apply caching, whether in the framework or through a proxy like Varnish, all apps by any framework can be made to be speedy, but CI works faster natively, and has cache library built in so that you can make it faster where needed. Like anything - how you program can have a large effect on speed, especially when it comes to your database queries, and that's true in any framework.

Security: depends 100% on you and your team. CI's security tools are pretty good, especially when combined with PHP's filter_var, etc. But NONE of that can be automated 100% for you. It is still up to the developer to implement it all correctly. And that's always the tough part. But it's not really a framework-dependent problem. CI's CSRF protection is good, it's XSS filter is pretty good, though will never be perfect (hint: nothing is), and is intended to be used on output, there are tools for preventing SQL injection, etc.
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