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the website show without css and js effect

Recently I have buy MAMP Pro and I am working on codeiginter bootstrap php website. I have setup mamp pro with my source code. It is working on my localhost machine but not outside of my computer. They seems no css and javascript. Any hints to work?? Hints: But It is working on my another website (mantis) in the current subfolder. They are all under the MAMP pro apache, php and mysql. I think it may be my code of my codeiginiter framework website.

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Use base_url() for linking your assets. The assets files/folder must located same level with index.php. My suggestion is to use PHP server development mode instead of firing up your web apps in default localhost folder.
Keep calm.

I have used base_url() for the path of css and js. It seems to be the setting of MAMP with codeiginter framework. Any hints. Previously it is working on apache on linux.

I use MAMP Pro for websites all of the time with no issues. One thing that could be a gotcha is file-naming. On Macs, the OS does not enforce capitalization checks, so if your assets are being read through a folder that has different capitalization than what you're file is referencing (i.e. Assets v.s assets), then that would cause an issue in Linux. Same with controller file names, etc.

But truly, with the little bit of information that we have about your site, it's very difficult to say.

I think capitalise may not be the issue.
I try to chmod -R 777 website.
But failed.
It prompt me below about session save path is not writable. How to solve?
I have set the ini_set(session.save_path, '/Users/raymondchiu/tmp') but still show session not writable messages.

class nativesession {
var $session_id_ttl = 600; // session id time to live (TTL) in seconds
var $flash_key = 'flash'; // prefix for "flash" variables (eg. flash:new:message)
var $old_session_data;

function __construct()
ini_set(session.save_path, '/Users/raymondchiu/tmp');


Session ID on load is a8ee77e5820b515e0ae7fc2aa469d9db
Session save path "" is not writable!"Not Yet Login"
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Dear all,

I have solved the save session issue. But it can call the controller to return to index.php. But index page show without images, js and css. Any help?? It only shows plain html.

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Where you put all of your assets files? What is URL of your web apps?
Keep calm.

Sorry for my low knowledge. I have solved.
First in MAMP, I need to setup hosts for my domain.
And then in my config file in codeginiter, I need to set the domain for base_url, instead of localhost...


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