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Mime type missing

[eluser]Référencement Google[/eluser]

To allow FLV upload, the mime.php file need the following types:
'flv' => 'video/x-flv',
'flv' => 'application/octet-stream',

[eluser]Michael Wales[/eluser]
Isn't this server dependent?

[eluser]Référencement Google[/eluser]
I don't think so, and some people complain about it on the forum + I made tests uploading some FLV videos work only if this 2 mime types are added in the mime.php file.

i think
'flv' => array('video/x-flv','application/octet-stream')
would be better

It's true more than one forum topic was about this mime type

[eluser]Référencement Google[/eluser]
Yes, xwero you are right, I typed too quickly but how you write it is the correct way.

[eluser]Michael Wales[/eluser]
Hmmm - I know I have had similar situations on file uploads (where the mime type that came with CI was incorrect). Well, not incorrect, it just registered on the server as the incorrect type.

If I remember correctly, it was an upload script for images and I had to add 'application/octet-stream' to all of the typical image file extensions.

Like I mentioned previously though, this could have been because of a misconfigured server (XAMPP on Windows, I think).

Trying to upload an .flv, I was getting a "not allowed filetype" message.

I had to add
'flv'    =>    array('video/x-flv','application/octet-stream', 'flv-application/octet-stream'),
to mimes.php

I'd say that 'application/octet-stream' should be enough, but searching the internet, each site had a different mime type. Even Adobe.

It would be nice having FLV added to mimes.php by default.

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