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Database problem

Hi guys/gals.

I recently downloaded some software made with the codeigniter framework after following the install instructions, I ran the website on localhost, which loads up but as soon as I goto register as a new member it gives me the following error.

Error Number: 1054
Unknown column 'activation_hash' in 'field list'
INSERT INTO `bw_users` (`password`, `location`, `register_time`, `salt`, `activation_hash`, `activation_id`, `email_address`, `email_activated`, `user_hash`, `user_name`, `user_role`, `public_key`, `private_key`, `private_key_salt`, `wallet_salt`, `local_currency`) VALUES $2a$10$51GaLf4o644Rb/FxR8Os9enxWuop1V.haISOHzinT1Tq674.5SaXm', '224', 1454533259, '$2a$10$51GaLf4o644Rb/FxR8Os9hA2gGDxVQ==', 'f0a57fb24bcda7bd87e26bc9bafb71ee', 'ae7522de65812b', '', '1', '2eb1a2c0b086bf044a80',

Filename: models/Users_model.php

Line Number: 37

I pulled up the Users_model line 37 and the code surrounding it

public function add($data, $token_info = NULL)
        $ret = $this->db->insert('users', $data) == TRUE;   <<<<<<<<  This is line 37
        if ($token_info !== null)

        return $ret;

Does anyone know what this issue might be? I'm new to Ci so i don't have codeigniter itself downloaded just the package which came with this software that i'm using if that makes any diffrence feel free to inform me.


The error message you received, "Unknown column 'activation_hash' in 'field list'", provides a clue!
Your local database is missing that column in the bw_users table, and the downloaded software expects it.
This could be a mismatch between versions of the your software, or incomplete setup instructions.

This is not a CodeIgniter issue.

Thank you for the information.

I just had a look though the files and the only place anywhere including the sql database that it mentions activation_hash is in this little snippet. Do you think this could be the cause and if it is what would you suggest to remedy it ? I'm really new to all this if you can't tell so I apologize for these questions but i'm stumped.

* Set Activated Email
* This function takes a $user_id and marks that account as having its email activated.
* @param $user_id
protected function _set_activated_email($user_id)
$this->db->where('id', $user_id)->update('users', array('email_activated' => '1'));

* Attempt Email Activation
* This function is used to try activate a users account for the first time. If successful,
* it will set the email as activated, and the function returns TRUE. If the details were invalid,
* FALSE is returned. If the email was already updated, then return 'activated'
* @param $identifier
* @param $subject
* @param $activation_hash
* @return bool|string
public function attempt_email_activation($identifier, $subject, $activation_hash)
$q = $this->db->select('id, email_activated')->get_where('users', array($identifier => $subject, 'activation_hash' => $activation_hash));
if ($q->num_rows() > 0) {
$row = $q->row_array();
if ($row['email_activated'] == '1') {
return 'activated';
} else {
return TRUE;
return FALSE;

you table has not field activation_hash

First let me apologize for posting again here but I've been working on this for over 8 hours and I just wanted to be finished, I deleted the whole database and reinstalled it from the sql dump provided with the source code.

I noticed an error this time in the console saying syntax error around line 1116, now I'm either blind or I'm just missing it but I can't see any problem, can anyone see whats going on here ?

`banned` enum('0','1') DEFAULT '0',
`block_non_pgp` enum('0','1') DEFAULT '0',
`entry_paid` enum('0','1') DEFAULT '0',
`force_pgp_messages` enum('0','1') DEFAULT '0',
`location` int(3) NOT NULL,
`login_time` int(20) NOT NULL,
`display_login_time` enum('0','1') DEFAULT '0',
`password` varchar(128) NOT NULL,
`public_key` blob NOT NULL,
`private_key` blob NOT NULL,
`private_key_salt` varchar(64) NOT NULL,
`register_time` int(20) NOT NULL,
`salt` varchar(128) NOT NULL,
`wallet_salt` varchar(128) NOT NULL,
`user_hash` varchar(25) NOT NULL,
`user_name` varchar(40) NOT NULL,
`user_role` enum('Buyer','Vendor','Admin') NOT NULL,
`local_currency` int(11) NOT NULL,
`completed_order_count` int(9) DEFAULT '0',
`totp_secret` varchar(25),
`totp_two_factor` enum('0','1') DEFAULT '0',
`pgp_two_factor` enum('0','1') DEFAULT '0',
UNIQUE KEY `user_hash` (`user_hash`,`user_name`),
KEY `user_name` (`user_name`,`user_hash`,`banned`,`entry_paid`,`register_time`,`user_role`)

INSERT INTO `bw_users` (`banned`, `block_non_pgp`, `entry_paid`, `force_pgp_messages`, `location`, `login_time`, `display_login_time`, `password`, `public_key`, `private_key`, `private_key_salt`, `register_time`, `salt`, `pgp_two_factor`, `user_hash`, `user_name`, `user_role`, `local_currency`, `completed_order_count`, `totp_two_factor`, `totp_secret`) VALUES
('0', '0', '1', '0', 1, 0, '0', '%PASSWORD%', '%PUBLIC_KEY%', '%PRIVATE_KEY%', '%PRIVATE_KEY_SALT%', %REGISTER_TIME%, '%SALT%', '0', '%USER_HASH%', 'admin', 'Admin', 0, 0, '0', '');

Can you attache a full SQL file?

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