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What your thought on Galaxy S7?

Galaxy S7 is really a fancy device.My wife got one a week go and performs well according to my observation. Would you plan to buy one in near future? And what your thought on this device, would it beat iPhone this year?

Not really, but I really want a galaxy note.

My wifes Iphone is awful in comparison to my phone LG4.

Oddly, her old iphone's battery, when not used for a while, expanded to not just bend the phone but break it and pull it apart. It was really shocking to see.

Galaxy S7 looks cool but really, is there very much between android phones these days? They all seem more of the same, bit sharper, bit faster perhaps, no real improvements. Don't get me wrong, I love my phone, but in all honesty I don't use it half as much as I used to since I got my beautiful tablet - which I love beyond belief, and it is not an Ipad. (Childishly hate all things apple).


@PaulD,  like you said, there is not much difference between Android phones in these days, especially for flagship ones. One of the advantages of S7 is the appearance. Girls like that, LOL

P.S. I got an iPhone 4S and lasted for 4 years. still in good condition now but runs slowly after iOS 9

(03-17-2016, 03:42 PM)PaulD Wrote: (Childishly hate all things apple).

It's funny how Android users really hate Apple with a passion, but Apple users just don't care about Android! Big Grin
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Lol. So true. I think we are a bit jealous that your the cool, stylish and hip guys and we are the poor, geeky and unloved ones.

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I dont like samsung phone. i Like only IPhone..

Samsung Galaxy S7 is a great phone. But I think, iPhone is better than the best from S7.

S7 is great, compared to iphone, I'd prefer galaxy. **SEO spam link redacted**

Galaxy S7 is an amazing smartphone with 5.1 inches screen, 12 MP back and 5 MP front camera, 3000 mAH battery life. You can buy it online at a price as low as Rs. 26,000  Cool

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