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Does anyone know a js or jquery flow chart plugin

Hi all,

I was thinking about adding a user generated flow chart for a site. I thought there would be libraries available offering flow chart functionality - how wrong I was.

Now I realize it is actually quite complicated to code from scratch, I was hoping for click and drag features of some sort but can live without them. Has to be user friendly. In fact even a flow diagram generator would do, I can always think up a UI of some sort to deal with the needs of the library.

Have now been searching for quite some time and can't find anything of any use.

Does anyone have any links to any potential resources or do I really have to roll my own. I am not sure I am wedded to the idea enough to spend much time on it, and my JS is functional, but not brilliant.

Even a mind map type thing would do, just wanted to offer that way of planning (flow chart or mind map type) for my users.

Any suggestions or ideas warmly welcomed,

Thanks in advance, Google and Bing have failed me,

Best wishes,



Thanks for taking the time to post that, but it is not normal bar charting I am after, but flow charting, something like the attached.

Best wishes,


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Here is a jQuery one but you may need to play around with it:

jQuery Flow Chart Plugin
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Thanks for the link. I did see this one but it was doing so much I didn't want I dismissed it. However, I have downloaded it again and will take a more detailed look at it again to see if I can use it as a base in some way.

Thank you again,


Update: I decided I was keen on the idea but the only good plugin I could find was a commercial one with a price tag you simply would not believe!

So I am rolling my own using an SVG library called Raphael. http://dmitrybaranovskiy.github.io/raphael/

It is complicated to get going but surprisingly robust and efficient.

Bit worried about Safari though as it seems the bug fix Paper.safari() is not working at the moment. Ploughing on though.

I can't believe there is not an existing plugin for this.

Best wishes,


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