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Date, js pop up calendar buged in CI, and date formats


I need make a form with date, and a pop up calendar; I cant implement it in js I got (http://dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex6/popcalendar2.htm) I cant understand exactly why it doesnt works. I click link and it returns me nothing.

Well I need help, I made a small search in here but I couldnt find anything really helpfull to me...

Than, I get this format of date 2008-03-02, than I need to format it in Sunday, 02 july 2008 (in my language, brazilian portuguese)...

Anyone could help me?

This link may help, there are mods that allow for the long date format:

Thanx ontguy, ît helps me with long date, but it doenst help me to implement the pop-up calendar...
when theres a pop up ALWAYS it have to be in view folder of ci? its really weird because it even opens the pop up with some kind of error...

It could be a problem with mac firefox ????

I think you're asking where the javascript for the calendar should be located.

Here's an example:

calling the javascript in a view
script type="text/javascript" src="<?=base_url()?>assets/calendar_pop.js"

the assets folder would be created in the same folder as your index.php

No, I have made this. Exactly... is just to test it outside CI it works soooo fine...
I think is bacause the url way CI works, try to implement it in simple page inside CI... it doent work

Are you getting javascript error when the page loads?

Please post the view, to see how the javascript is being called.

I'am in agency right now, I'll get home than I post it...
Thanx for help, one more time!

The call to js is right, I print the url and open it in browser successfuly.

<form name="sampleform">
                    &lt;input type="text" name="firstinput" size=20&gt; <small><a href="[removed]showCal('Calendar1')">Select Date</a></small>
                    <p>&lt;input type="text" name="secondinput" size=20&gt; <small><a href="[removed]showCal('Calendar2')">Select Date</a></small>

This is the sample code that is pretty working outside ci.

Any Idea?

I had a problem getting this app to work also... I finally got it to pull up, but it seems all the CSS was ignored, even if I included it directly in my main stylesheet. When I would click on the field it would just popup in the absolute top left and worked fine but not the way i wanted it to... I gave up on it and moved on to another calendar b/c it seemed the js had issues and wasn't cleanly coded. Here's a list of alternatives:


Thanx mikeyhell I got other calendar who doesnt opens pop up and it really worked too!!

So, what you have made to make that thing work???? I got really many time on it!!!


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