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Absolute Beginner to CodeIgnitor

Hello to every one, and I personally appreciate the CodeIgniter experts for providing such forum regarding codeigniter

My request to all expert is that kindly provide me complete guideline about this framework.
as I have knowledge of simple php. i can work with php functions.
can anyone here to give me how I can work on codeigniter as I am too new to this framework and too much interested in this.....
if any guideline please mail it to me on
[email protected]

Here is my complete guideline: Buy a book and read it.

Read the CodeIgniter Framework Documentation.
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Do the tutorial in the manual. Take your time. Don't expect that you will understand it all the first time you run through it.

Join Stackoverflow and visit when you can.

Learn about Clean Code from Robert Martin (Uncle Bob)

Use Bootstrap for the front end

Unfortunately most tutorials and books are people trying to demonstrate how clever they are.
They take a simple and powerful framework like Codeigniter and then add their unique 'look how smart i am' methods to it.
The problem is then you are not using Codeigniter anymore, and whatever you build will be limited by this.
So first learn and build with Codeigniter as it is.

Finally as you post questions, your code, and your ideas - there will be people who insult you and what you are trying to accomplish.
This can be very upsetting and you might want to react - but try to let it go, and never attack back.

I started by reading the whole doc. It took roughly a day. Then I did the tutorial. Then I did a small project and worked from there.

These forums are pretty good as it stack overflow. There are also plenty of tutorials for common things.

I too started off with CI yesterday. And as I had no idea of OOPs in PHP and the MVC - I did have an initial issue. Then as I completed the tutorial provided in the CI download, things started becoming easier. I even created my first static page - had issues getting it visible on the localhost... but eventually got it working. Now I have integrated Bootstrap onto it and even three forms. HAve ran into problems though and posted about it here on another section.


or you can learn codeigniter by the follow link
Q&A for Codeigniter
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I learned it on Youtube:

Read the major user guide Wink

Where i cna read the mejor user guide d4jk4 can you please tell me. Thank you

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